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Regular phones became smart phones quite a while ago – isn’t it time you upgraded to a smart home too?  With the Automation Plan from Colorado Security Company you’ll get complete control over your home’s locks, lights, garage door and thermostat anywhere, anytime.

Home automation isn’t just a “nice extra”.  It’s actually a vital addition to your home security system.  What if a friend or loved one is in trouble at your house and needs to get inside but you’re not there?  What if you’re out of town for an extended period of time and want to change the lights a few times to make it look like someone is home?  Most importantly, what if you are out and realize you forgot to lock the front door or accidentally left the garage door open?  Being able to remotely control the systems in your home keeps everyone safer.

And… well, it’s a nice extra!  You can save a ton on your energy bill by automatically adjusting the thermostat down when nobody is home.  Then automatically turn it up on your way to the house where you’ll arrive to a comfortable temperature without having wasted money all day.  Program the lights to turn themselves off late at night in case you forget to turn them off before bed.  There are a lot of possibilities for how to automate your home.  If you have questions, please contact us for some helpful ideas.

Automation Plan Features

Garage Door Control

Have you ever driven down the street, or gotten to work and had the feeling of “On no! Did I leave the garage door open?”  The Garage Door Control can send you alerts if you have left the house and accidentally left the garage open, or if you have simply left it open by mistake while you are home.  With this feature not only will you be notified, but you can remotely open or close the garage from wherever you are.  Gain extra peace of mind and secure your possessions (and the largest entry point of your home) with the Garage Door Control.

Thermostat Control

Who doesn’t want to save a little on their heating bill?  Wouldn’t it be great if your home knew when you weren’t home and adjusted the temperature automatically?  Many new thermostats have advanced settings, but nothing compares to being to precisely manage your home’s temperature from anywhere.  If you want to never have to think about it, just set the system to drop 15 degrees whenever you arm your system.  Then pat yourself on the back for putting hundreds of dollars back in your pocket every year.

Lock Control

Whether you need to secure your home or open it up, the lock control feature is extremely handy.  When you send a command to lock a door through the mobile app the action happens almost instantaneously, giving you power over who does and does not have access from moment to moment.  You also get a lot of convenience with lock control.  For example, you could unlock your front door from the driveway so that you don’t have to deal with it when you walk in with an armful of groceries.  Need to let someone in the home when you’re not there?  Simply unlock the door remotely instead of giving them your code.

Light Control

You’re going to love this feature.  Our customers like to use it even when they are at home!  You can control all of the lights in your home, whether they’re switches on the wall or lamps plugged into an outlet.  We’ll configure everything so that process of controlling one particular light or a whole group of lights is a breeze.  Set automatic rules right from your mobile app to turn the porch light on before you get home, or turn everything on if the alarm is triggered.  There are so many uses for this feature, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Image Sensor Plus Monitoring

With Image Sensor Plus Monitoring we combine a motion sensor and a camera to capture images of any activity the equipment detects.  If the alarm is triggered, the system automatically starts taking images.  You can also use it to regulate activity within your house or do what’s known as a “peek in”.  Are the kids not allowed in the garage?  Now you’ll know right away if they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be.

PLUS All Interactive Plan Features

Two Way Voice Communication

In the event of an emergency you will be automatically connected to a trained professional from the 24/7/365 Alarm Response Center, operated by our award-winning partner, Monitronics.  We work with Monitronics because they’re one of a very few Five Diamond Certified monitoring services, meaning every operator has been certified and trained to the industry’s highest standards.  These experts are here to help whenever you need it, and can direct local police, fire or paramedics to your location. There’s nothing better than knowing that if something happens in your home, you’ve got someone looking out for you.

Crash and Smash Protection

We’ve all seen the movie where the bad guys cut the power and phone lines to a building.  Not a situation you want to be in, but with crash and smash protection you can rest assured that even if your home has lost power and connectivity your security system is still fully functional. Even if an intruder attempts to disable or destroy your control panel, your system will still be connected to the Alarm Response Center.

Email and Text Alerts

Customize your security system to alert you via text or email whenever important events happen in your home.  Want to know that the kids are home safe from school?  Just set up an alert to notify you when the system has been disarmed.  Would you like a reminder to set your alarm system before going to bed?  Simply customize the alert using the mobile app or through the website login.  Alerts are a simple way to always keep you in the know whether you’re at home or away on vacation.

Remote Access and Control

Complete control over your security system is always as close as your pocket or purse with the home security mobile app.  Compatible with iOS, Android or Windows phones, this secure connection to your home system allows you to know what’s happening right this moment.  If you ever happen to lose your phone, you can easily disable the app by logging into your account online. Make sure you’re connected 100% of the time to what matters most via remote access.

Geo Services

Another powerful feature of the mobile app is that you can enable location tracking which will trigger several customizable settings changes to your home security system.  For example, you can set an alert to let you know if you leave the house and forget to arm your security system.

PLUS All Standard Security Features

100% Cellular System

Your home system communicates with the Alarm Response Center over the cellular wireless network at a very low frequency, ensuring that you are always connected and protected even in areas where there is poor cell signal.  This system has been tested and proven reliable in millions of homes and will remain functional even if your home’s power and phone lines are cut.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Rest easy, you’ve always got someone looking out for you.  The equipment in your home is just the first half of a comprehensive protection plan.  Your system is also monitored around the clock by certified staff in an offsite location.  These trained alarm response professionals respond to every alert.  Any time an alarm is triggered, the Alarm Response Center is immediately notified and the operator attempts to contact you.  So even if you’re unable to call local authorities for help, they can do it for you.

Intrusion, Fire and Severe Weather Detection

Every system we install comes with the sensors that will alert you of danger.  Small, unobtrusive devices are placed on or near vulnerable points of entry detect any unwanted intrusion.  We can add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors which tie into the rest of your system.   These devices could prevent the home from burning down if you’re not home, or save the life of a pet trapped in a carbon monoxide filled home and is unable to escape.  Flood and freeze sensors are also available to alert you and help prevent or quickly stop damage to the home.

Life Safety Systems

If you or one of your loved ones have concerns about independent living, know that all of our plans allow you to take advantage of life safety systems.  In the event of a sudden medical condition, a fall or other accident, you can use a medical pendant to contact the Alarm Response Center where a certified professional will be ready to assist you.  Seniors can maintain a better quality of life at home, knowing that help is there if they need it.

Warranty on All Equipment

When it comes to your safety, we don’t mess around.  All of our equipment is tested and proven to be rock-solid-reliable.  However, in the event that something isn’t working properly we offer a limited one year warranty on everything we install in your home.  Don’t take chances with equipment whose quality isn’t assured.  Replacing it could be very expensive and leave your home vulnerable while you get it replaced.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be so happy with your experience that you tell all your friends and neighbors about us.  That’s why we offer a no questions asked, unconditional money back guarantee for the first 30 days.  The way we see it, if we can’t delight you with our service and professionalism in the first 30 days then we don’t deserve your business.

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